Before comit a website, 5 points should definitely be considered.

Perhaps you want to create a website for the first time and don't know where to start. Be sure to pay attention to these points to get the high-quality service you desire with your money!

1- In which programming language should the website be created?

With pre-built systems like WordPress, a website can be created within a day. This can have both advantages and disadvantages.


1- The creation of your website takes less time.

2- Since many people know WordPress, you can quickly find another person or company to provide support if you encounter issues with your business.


1- Compared to custom software solutions, it typically functions slower and more sluggishly.

2- If required updates are not performed, you may find your website infected with viruses.

So what do we recommend?

The answer to that depends on the situation. If you simply want a website, regardless of quality, the best solution is the cheapest and fastest one. However, if you are looking for a corporate and professional solution, a software specifically tailored to your project, optimized for it, is both safer and faster.
We use ASP.NET Csharp (C#) and Microsoft SQL as a database. Considering that Facebook is written in PHP, it is not the programming language that makes the difference but how the programmer handles the code.

2- What has the person done so far and who have they worked with?

Typically, companies have references to the designs they have created on their websites. Take the time to look at each page for at least 40 seconds. If you like at least 4 of the designs, call the website owners and inquire about the web design company.

Also, check the reference page back as far as possible and contact the last 3 references. If they say they no longer deal with the company, be cautious, as they may not deal with you in 6 months either.

3- What exactly do you need? Does it make sense to consult a web advisor?

There is a saying: "There is no end to software." This also applies to websites. While you try to add this or that module, you may actually afford a product that you don't really need at an unnecessary price. So how can you figure out what you really need on a website? A web advisor can be very helpful to you in this regard.

  • He plans the product you need.
  • He ensures that the right price is paid.
  • He compares the best prices and companies for you and monitors the transactions for you.
  • This way, you hand over possible problems to a professional. (For web consultancy, you can contact us.)

4- Price differences between offers

There are enormous price differences in this industry. While some charge Aud 4,500 for a website, others can create the same website for Aud 30,000 or more. So who should you choose? The most important thing here is what you expect from the service and the website. Differentiation and quality lie in the detail! There is a high probability that companies that create websites for less than Aud  4,500 overlook these details. In the end, you may have a website, but it could disappoint you.

Another possibility is that, due to efforts to save the day, there may be no time left for you later. If you ask us, it would be more reasonable to consider offers from Aud 7000 or more for a high-quality website. However, if you want many services, this price may increase.

5- Price negotiation

People in the service sector generally demand the price they deserve. If the person you are working with does not appear very commercial, we advise against negotiating the price. Otherwise, the energy of the person creating your website could wane, and the quality of the work could diminish accordingly.

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